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We are looking for you

Currently we have free workplaces at the Factory Hub Vienna for you.

Develop your software and hardware products

Here is the right place for you, if you want to develop your software or hardware product in the exciting environment of an industrial company and make it ready for serial production. Take advantage of the close proximity of electronics development experts and TELE Haase’s production, or meet other hardware startups in the adjoining room. From now on, the Factory Hub Vienna will provide you with 2 fully equipped electronic developer stations and 3 office workstations at fair prices.


Highly welcome

Our offer is particularly interesting for software startups from the fields of:

  • Software programming,
  • Web development,
  • Product design,
  • Industrial design,
  • Ux design,
  • Online marketing.

Be part of the best

Our lively location currently houses five hardware startups that are open to cooperation and exchange. You can meet here for example:

  • 3F Solar Technologies GmbH
  • Amescon GmbH
  • “AXIOM” Apertus / Picoux Productions BVBA
  • one: solutions
  • Stromkind GmbH

Direct access to production

In addition, TELE Haase gives you direct access to its electronics manufacturing, and you can use specialist industrial coaching to develop your prototype to production maturity and produce it in-house as needed. That could be just right for you? We are looking forward to you!

Wanna join us?

The Factory Hub Vienna is an open place with friendly people. If you have any questions, please contact us. We are pleased to meet you!

Get in touch with Andreas

Andreas Bruckmüller
Factory Hub Vienna
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