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TELE begins collaboration with Agrilution

Automation pioneers develop control module for Vertical Farming System

The TELE universe is expanding once again. The renowned Vienna-based automation company is entering into a cooperative relationship with startup Agrilution. TELE’s contribution to the partnership will be the development of a software-supported control module for the Plant Cube vertical farming system. “Our collaboration with Agrilution is one more puzzle piece in the Your Smart Factory organizational concept and brings benefits for both sides,” says Johann¬†Ehrentraut, who is responsible for innovation and collaboration at TELE. “We’re taking an early position in the vertical farming market of the future, which is at the intersection of building management and automation. Agrilution, on the other hand, benefits from TELE’s many years of know-how in the field of control engineering,” according to Mr. Ehrentraut.

What is vertical farming?

“Vertical farming” refers to farming in buildings in densely populated urban areas. Closed systems with hydro cultures are constructed in vertical greenhouses, the magnitude of which can range from something the size of a wall cabinet to entire high-rise buildings. Vertical farming permits local, year-round harvesting of fruits, vegetables, edible mushrooms and algae.


Plant Cube is a networked plug-and-play miniature organic greenhouse for a standard size kitchen with optimized climate control and integrated watering. The customer can select from a wide range of seed mats when planting the Cube. One Cube has room for eight different seed mats, which produce enough food for a household with 2 to 3 people for one month.

TELE is giving Agrilution access to its know-how and is developing the automated controller for the vertical farming system. Once programmed, the controller ensures that plants in the cube receive everything they need, i.e., water, light, and nutrients, giving them optimal conditions for growth around-the-clock. An app gives the vertical farmer the ability to intervene into the process via smartphone or PC as well as monitor and optimize growth as needed. Using this method, all types of fast-growing organic fruits and vegetables with high concentrations of vitamins and antioxidants can be grown in a person’s own kitchen cabinet without a conventional garden or even a balcony.

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