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The production process as a “playing field”

TELE production innovation laboratory in Vienna

Know-how and resources local

Many companies have already moved their production processes abroad, where they struggle with logistics problems and cultural differences. TELE stands in opposition to this trend and produces its exciting technological solutions at the Vienna production site.

“As a mid-size company with 90 employees and a consistent production line, TELE houses all important resources under one roof, from SMT systems to the THT process, assembly and final production through to packaging and warehousing,” explains Thomas Gregorn, who is responsible for production processes at TELE. “In addition, we are familiar with both special machine construction and test equipment construction and know which standards have to be taken into account in the respective step of development,” adds Gregorn. Companies that work with TELE benefit from their contact partners being right in their backyard. And when the roof is on fire, qualified specialists are on hand to address every problem.

Organisation rethought

However, the Viennese industrial company is not just one of many mid-sized players. With its outstanding organisational structure, TELE has developed little by little into an innovation incubator capable of testing good ideas easily and quickly.

We did away with hierarchies. In our company, everyone assumes responsibility and initiates and develops projects. This creates room for manoeuvring in the truest sense of the word… so much is possible!

Thomas Gregorn, process owner production

In “companies of the future” like TELE, decisions are taken quickly – democratically in committees and without having to involve other entities. “We are open internally and externally. Which is why we welcome all visitors to tour our production facilities. This is how we run into very interesting experts and companies. Our visitors profit from the experience and have also left us with many inspiring ideas,” delights Gregorn.

To TELE 4.0 with the capture of operating data

Whomever visits TELE can expect openness, cooperation, innovation, and a great deal of fun. Sustainability is also a major topic in the Smart Factory. After all, the smart use of resources is interesting not only ecologically, but also economically. One of the largest company-owned photovoltaic plants in Vienna produces 22.7 percent of total electricity for production totalling 81,000 kWh per year on the company’s roof. The consistent capture of operating data has also been introduced.

We must know our performance in order to get ahead. For this reason, we have just introduced a comprehensive collection of operating data, which makes it possible to work analytically on the improvement of the entire production process.

This means that comprehensive data will be available in the future for the following units:

  • An SMT process with two lines, consisting of a stencil printer, placement machines, reflow soldering systems,
  • 14 workstations for THT equipping (through-hole-technology) with a wave soldering machine in nitrogen atmosphere,
  • ten assembly workstations,
  • ten workstations for testing, final inspection and packaging, and
  • one robot workstation.

A strong partner network for special tasks

TELE specialists for construction, rapid prototyping, and mechanical workshops are available for solutions which must first be brought to series maturity. External partners may also use the machine under supervision. If a suitable solution is not available, we rely on a network of partners for special tasks (e.g., 3D printing, customised housing, coating technologies, sheet metal construction)

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