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Agrilution is an innovative Vertical Farming Startup based in Munich – Germany, which is dedicating its passion to solving one of our most pressing global challenges: providing sustainable and healthy food to the world. Lettuce, herbs and other leafy greens from the supermarket have limited nutritional qualities because they are a couple of days old once they land on the plate. In the plantCube however one can harvest his own greens, in his own home, right before eating them – re-defining the term from “farm to fork”. Within the scope of the cooperation TELE develops an software-based control modul for the Vertical-Farming-System.

About the plantCube

The plantCube has dimensions of a common built-in refrigerator (60cm x 60cm x 90cm). You can fit your personal Vertical Farm directly in your kitchenette or even use it standalone anywhere in your home. With its minimalistic and modern design the plantCube is a real eye-catcher. Everything cultivated in your plantCube has up to 4x more nutrients than the greens, which you can buy in common supermarkets. Simply due to optimised cultivation conditions, special LED lights and the elimination of food miles.
With the controllable climate and special LEDs the plantCube can grow a large variety of greens. New and also unkown herbs and Micogreens like Mustard Shoots, Mizuna or Pak Choi can easily be planted. Of course we also provide classics like Rocket, Basil, Parsley or Corn Salad.


  • Reduced water consumption
  • Pesticide free
  • Lower CO2-Emissions

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