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SimyLife Gamification GmbH

Andreas is the CEO of SimyLife. "It has to be fun and users should stay on-the-ball," was his explanation for the first draft of SimyBall.

Andreas's wealth of experience in the fields of competitive sports, training, and IT form the basis for the concept behind SimyBall. Andreas is an avid rower, and he was himself a member of the Austrian national rowing team for several years, achieving a number of successes in national and international competitions. He has worked in the area of performance improvement and regeneration as a qualified sports coach (training people up to Olympian level), as well as in various management roles in the IT industry. He initially developed his ideas on "transfer of performance optimization and regeneration from elite sport to work and everyday life" in the course of writing his master thesis.

20 years of experience in the IT industry in various management positions combined with many years of coaching experience led Andreas to the idea of the SimyBall.

“Why do only a few stay on-the-ball?” was the question that Andreas Chabicovsky asked himself; while participants became eagerly involved in his stress-reducing training, they rarely continued these training sessions themselves afterwards. Without a personal trainer, most participants simply lacked sufficient motivation.

Why not make the classic anti-stress ball intelligent, and turn it into a games console controller? A ball that not only gives feedback on physical wellbeing, but also conveys this information through a game – the gamification of mental training. A virtual coach that accompanies the games and thus ensures the training success rounded off the overall concept. “Play stress away” – this is how the mission was defined.

Now, it was about finding the right partner. He found it in Marcel Aberle. Together they founded a startup to build this intelligent ball. For product development and validation of efficacy, they found support from several university partners, such as FH Technikum Wien, FH Hagenberg, and the University of Vienna.

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