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Hugo Grimm

Electronic development

Hugo Grimm

Hugo Grimm is our competent partner for electronic development. He supports projects from idea to implementation. His portfolio:

Elektronik Development
– Elaboration of a detailed specification.
– Analysis, system draft, calculation, block diagrams.
– Selection of technology.
– Hardware design.
– Software design.
– Support of further steps to series product.

– Coordination and supervision of development projects.
– Development process from specification to volume production.
– Valuation of development period.
– Optimization of lead time in mixed hw/sw projects.
– Inter-divisional project management.

Special technical fields

Hugo likes to develop small power supplies with exotic specifications. Where the field of the well known power supply IC ends, his work starts to get really interesting.
He loves to deal with measurement technology software relating to micro controllers. With the algorithm, that prises out the last secretof an electrical signal. The filter, that works out the the point of a measured value.

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