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Cooperation and innovation are not easy issues to deal with. We try things out, reject what is not working, often have great insights, always make mistakes, always re-orientate ourselves. Read here what we have already learned.

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Global Startup Weekend Women

Factory Hub Vienna at the Global Startup Weekend Women

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ORF visits TELE

TELE will be on TV
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Factory Hub Vienna opens EBV-flex.desk

EBV sponsors electronics development workplace at Factory Hub Vienna
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TELE-Partner 3F-Solar startet Crowdinvesting auf Green Rocket

TELE-Partner 3F Solar hat für seinen leistungsstarken Hybridkollektor Solar ONE eine Crowdinvesting-Kampagne auf der Plattform Green Rocket gestartet.
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Glamorous opening of the Factory Hub Vienna @TELE

On September 6, TELE Haase opened the first hardware hub to include electronics production with the Factory Hub Vienna.
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1. Prototype from Factory Hub Vienna

The first prototype - Dishtennis, the mobile mini table tennis table with solar lighting - from Factory Hub Vienna celebrated its world premiere on June 8/9…
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What is innovation?

And how can we make it part of our business? A thing of nightmares or blessings? Do you feel the pressure to innovate is always present within your company?…
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Design the “Smart Electronic Factory of the Future” with us

TELE Haase, ABB, COPA-DATA and IKARUS Security Software would like to develop a concept for the "Electronic Factory of the Future" together with the maker…
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Freygeist is insolvent – what we have to learn from it

The TELE partner startup Freygeist is bankrupt. What we have to learn from it. Despite retailer pre-orders for designer e-bikes in the three-digit range for…
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Area of tension and the “playing field”

Flexible organisation versus traditional production? Area of tension and the „playing field“ Here at TELE – in the company of the future – every company…
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The production process as a “playing field”

TELE production innovation laboratory in Vienna Der Produktionsprozess als „Spielraum“ Know-how and resources local Many companies have already moved their…
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Industry meets Makers – Expert Talk@TELE

What makes a successful co-creation and collaboration process? This question was especially pertinent to the over 100 guests invited to Sandra Stromberger's…
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TELE begins collaboration with Agrilution

TELE enters into cooperation with the Startup Agrilution and developed for the Vertical Farming System Plant Cube is a software -based control module .
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Companies of the future and the innovative startup FREYGEIST make the perfect combination for the Electric Drivestyle e-bike.
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Melanie Ruff
Melanie Ruff Factory Hub Vienna

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