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FREYGEIST develops e-Bikes, that combine exceptional technology with puristic classic design of a bicycle. Lightweight, agile and aesthetic – it matches the individual style. TELE offers the startup not only its development infrastructure, but also its technical know-how. For example the drive unit of the Freygeist bike must be completlely invisible, so that the design is not affected. TELE solves this problem with a self-developed drive module, which can be installed directly into the frame of the e-bike. An integrated display with bluetooth interface provides easy usability and makes it even possible to connect to a smartphone.

Features of the bike

The drive is integrated invisibly into the back wheel hub. Super silent it supports the pedaling – offering a high speed up to 25 km/h and a maximum torque of 35 nm. When the drive is shut down, the bike behaves like a classical bicycle.

The FREYGEIST e-Bike has a revolutionary impact on the urban mobility. Slimmer, lighter and more aesthetic than normal e-Bikes, it inspires people who love design and function. Its slim silhouette with only 12 kg is unique in the world. You think you see normal bicycle because of the solid components from saddle to the designed pedals.

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