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Design the “Smart Electronic Factory of the Future” with us

TELE Haase and partners are announcing a briefing at Industry meets Makers and is looking for makers with exciting ideas.

TELE Haase, ABB, COPA-DATA and IKARUS Security Software would like to develop a concept for the “Electronic Factory of the Future” together with the maker scene, which can be used as the basis for the construction of a model factory. We are looking for innovative makers with exciting ideas for this.

The concept should answer the following questions:

How is a production unit structured for small and medium-sized companies (sales of up to 20 million) which is as automated as possible and can offer many varieties of electronics production? The goal is a batch size of one. The budget for designing the factory is 1 million euro.

  • What does the customer offering look like and what is the factory’s unique selling point?
  • Which machines, tools, modules, components and materials do we need?
  • What software or digital tools are required?
  • What does the room planning and equipping look like?
  • What do the optimum geographical location and environmental conditions look like?
  • Which staff / experts / cooperation partners do I need and how is the collaboration between the parties organised and supported (work, team and cooperation models, responsibilities, task allocation, communication, decision-making, network building/expansion, etc.)?
  • How is the room planning designed?
  • How is data management, documentation and data security organised?
  • What do the processes look like from idea to prototype development through to series production?
  • How do prototypes have to be made so that they can go into series production with as little effort as possible?
  • What does the budget allocation and the work step plan look like for the factory set up?


  • A kick-off event will be organised in April 2017 (the date still has to be announced), in which we will once more jointly present the briefing and then wish to have discussions with interested makers/teams.
  • By 30 April 2017 the first applications can be submitted for taking part in the concept development in the form of a short video (content: Who are you? What can you contribute professionally/substantively? Which area is your idea in, that you would like to introduce? Why do you want to take part?)
  • The first participants/teams will be selected shortly afterwards.
  • From May 2017, the first joint brainstorming meetings, training and expert talks will take place with the cooperation partners – either in a large group or in several small groups (depending on the profile and team make-up of the participants).
  • From then on, specific further participants/teams will be incorporated, whose expertise and ideas will represent a good addition to the teams already involved.
  • The goal is to have generated specific, presentable initial results by the next Best of Industry meets Makers Event (expected date between 25/9 – 27/9.).

Who can participate?


Support and benefit for makers

  • Exchange of knowledge of experts from the participating industrial companies and selected representatives from the Industry meets Makers Community (in the form of expert talks, training, etc. on relevant issues, among others)
  • If necessary, a workplace can be made available in the TELE-TechHub.
  • Build-up of a network with important contact partners
  • Potential follow-up orders/cooperation
  • TELE-Joker voucher valued at EUR 5,000. This voucher can be redeemed at TELE or in the TELE Cosmos. The following services are conceivable:
    • Leasing in TELE TechHub
    • Internship
    • Support in the development/production of a product
    • Bookkeeping/annual financial statement from TELE accounting
    • Wedding photography by TELE partner from the TELE Cosmos
    • Marketing support from TELE partner from the TELE Cosmos
    • Networking tour with TELE Director Markus Stelzmann
    • or similar…

Does this sound exciting? Then why not apply and participate!

Find out more and participate
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